Plastic injection molding and hydraulic adaptors production for sewers and cable conduits

In the thermoplastic industry for over 35 years, TreA is specialized in plastic injection molding for a third party and in HDPE and PP adaptors and sleeves production for drainage systems and cable conduits.

We offer plastic injection molding services with molds provided by our clients to industries from several fields: mechanical, electromedical, healthcare, domestic appliances, automotive, thermohydraulic, home furnishing. Over the years we have specialized in high density polyethylene and polypropylene  sleeves and adaptors production, for smooth or corrugated hoses connection for cable conduits, drainage systems, sewers and drainage pipes, with the opportunity to personalize final products. Our core products are plastic pipe saddles and our Just Ready hydraulic connector, for a mechanical conjunction of HDPE conduits for pressurized flow, without welding.

We guide clients through every step of the productive process and in the development of new ideas. We supply companies in Italy and abroad, distributing our products directly with no intermediaries.

TreA is located in Castelcovati (Brescia) and can be reached through A4 and A35 (BreBeMi) highways.

Production units and machinery inventory

TreA is divided into two production units of about 7.000 mq, a storehouse of 6.000 mq and a machinery inventory of 16 injection molding machines from 75 to 1.600 tons.

Mold design and manufacturing in Brescia

Thanks to our subsidiary Omeco Srl, a mechanical workshop, we design and manufacture molds for plastic injection molding. Tested procedures allow us to follow every step of the molding and restoration processes, reducing waiting times and external production costs.

Constantly and fully committed to reaching higher qualitative standards and opened to technological and professional investments, we are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.