Fitting for mechanic junction of HDPE conduits without weld joints

Between TreA most required products, Just Ready is a junction made of polyethylene PE100, with a EPDM rubber lip gasket for hydraulic application. It has an anti-slip ring which permits a mechanical junction of HDPE conduits, without weld joints, through a quick coupling slip lock.

Just Ready, easy and quick junction without on-site weld joints

Just ready fitting allows an easy and quick junction of HDPE pipes and conduits  for pressurized water and fluids, avoiding every kind of on-site welding. This system is 100% in compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms and standards for potable water use. Its technical and mechanical characteristics make it functional also for several others applications, for example in fire protection systems, industrial systems or wastewater transport.

Just Ready is a useful solution for building sites, as it can be employed for critical occurrences and uncomfortable situations, under every kind of climate and weather condition, with no electrical devices aids (welding apparatus) needed. Pipes junction can be done in a few seconds.

Just ready advantages

  • No welding needed
  • Quick and easy application
  • Suitable for excavation areas
  • Application in every kind of climate condition
  • Perfect for rough or isolated grounds

How the connection without welding works for pipelines under pressure

Lubricate the elastomeric gasket inside the bowl

Clean and align the ends of the pipes to be connected

With a uniform push, reach the bottom of the glass, indicated by the white mark

During the assemply, the pipe pushes the anti-slip ring to the bottom of the conical location and compress the rubber lip gasket.

The anti-slip ring moves inside the conical location and clamps the pipe, proportionally to the undergone tractive force, blocking the slipping.

Just ready fitting table

UNI EN 122001

Material Color Gasket Anti-bleed ring Regulations Health prescriptions
PE100/MRS10 Black EPDM rubber Acetal resin UNI EN 12201 DM 174 del 06/04/2004

Available sizes

Ø mm Nominal pressure
90, 110, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 225, 250 PN6/SDR26, PN10/SDR17, PN16/SDR11

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