Plastic injection molding, manufacturing and assembly

We offer third-party plastic injection molding service in several industrial fields: mechanical, electromedical, healthcare, home furnishings, domestic appliances, automotive, thermohydraulic industries.

We assembly plastic pieces and we are qualified for mechanical manufacturing like turning, milling, drilling, threading to guarantee maximum precision to every single element.

In addition to this, on request our products can also be sent strung to save space and therefore costs.

Mold production for plastics materials

Thanks to our subsidiary Omeco Srl, a mechanical workshop, we design and manufacture custom-made molds for plastic injection molding. We also create complex shapes, samples and pre-production of pieces. We offer complete support to our clients, following personally every step of the molding maintenance and revision processes.

Personalized sleeves and joints production for sewers and cable conduits

TreA products a large range of sleeves and joints for sewers and cable conduits, made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). Our core products are plastic pipe saddles and our Just Ready hydraulic fitting, for a mechanical conjunction of HDPE conduits without welding.

Thanks to our modular molds, we create personalized sleeves and adaptors according to customers’ needs, with different dimensions, diameters and customer logo (date, lot, company name).

All our sleeves and joints for sewers and cable conduits are designed to guarantee a greatest resistance.

Special packaging production for sleeves and adaptors

In order to protect our sleeves from deformations caused by the bandaging of polyethylene films, our company has developed, designed and realized an innovative packaging, made of a wooden structure with polyethylene angles, fastened to a 110×130 centimeters pallet.

Products are methodically located inside this structure, separated by different cardboard layers, and then bandaged with polyethylene films. These pallets are superimposable, in order to optimize warehouse space.

This snap-fit structure is designed to make dismantling and recycling more practical, and it is easily transferable with pallet trucks.